Apple TV 3 (v2)

So, while looking for a way to entertain the family in the trailer, I had an idea. The older Apple TV 3’s (specifically the 2nd release) have the ability to “airplay” media streamed from a phone without connection to a wifi host network. This would allow us to stream media from Plex (private media server), Dish Network, Apple TV, Apple Movies, Youtube, etc. Add to that, that Plex gives us the ability to save content to our mobile devices, we could be without any data connectivity and still enjoy some TV while traveling.

I was able to pickup one of the TV models from eBay for about $35. Now, from the factory, they run off of 110v AC power. There’s a power converter built in that adjusts the power output to approximately 3.4v DC current. A simple DC power converter would drop the ~12v from the trailer’s power supply to 3.4v DC. This would allow me to run the Apple TV (and the 12v TV in the trailer) without the need for a generator or inverter. I’ll post progress as this project happens. So far I have the parts and just need time to get everything apart/tested/re-assembled.

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