Camp Chef Pro 60x

Stove, Grill, & Griddle

Immediately after buying our RV, I knew I needed a grill. While I would prefer charcoal or wood to cook over, most camp sites within 200 miles of home have fire bans (propane grills permitted, wood/charcoal are banned)

At home, I have 2 Weber grills. The time-honored kettle grill and a 6 burner Natural Gas grill. Weber really stands behind it’s products and produces a fantastic grill. At first I was looking at the Weber Q series (1000, 1200, 2000, 2200). (#ad)

While I really liked the grills, I was concerned about the available surface area and the stability of the grill on either a table or available cart. I went hands-on with a few of the grills and decided that it just wasn’t the best option for us.

Next I looked at the Napoleon 285 grill (#ad). Very similar to the Weber Q-Series, except the fit and finish just felt better. The portable cart design is significantly more stable. I came VERY close to buying this grill.

However I was still running into the issue of grill surface area. While we are only cooking for 3 people typically, I didn’t want to limit myself with the smaller cooking area. I wanted a grill and a nice cast iron/griddle surface to cook on. Enter the Camp Chef stove series of grills.

Camp Chef has a LOT of options when it comes to grills. Unfortunately the grill I really wanted to see in person, I wasn’t able to. I could only find the Blackstone (#ad) and Camp Chef tailgater grills. While these are nice grills, I wanted a few features they lacked; from the individually adjustable legs, wind screens (keeps your burners from blowing out) and side tables. After enough research I ended up buying the Pro60X (#ad), the 1 burner (14″x16″) SG30 griddle (#ad) and the 1 burner (14″x16″) BB30L grill box(#ad). I also bought a 18′ “RV” Quick Disconnect Hose (#ad) for the grill (to use the trailer’s propane system), an additional QD port to attach to the factory propane tank hose that came with the grill, a 3/8″ to 1/2″ adapter, and Propane Seal Tape. The QD port on the propane tank regulator hose will allow me to use both the RV’s gas system and a standard BBQ grill type tank with the Pro60x. Why limit myself?

This thing is a BEAST. The Pro60x itself weighs about 50 pounds. The griddle and grill box add about another 30 pounds to the whole system.

What drew me to this setup was that the 60x comes with a wind screen, each leg has thread-in pegs that allow you to level it on un-even campgrounds, the ignition system (matchless), and the great side tables (which double as covers when the grill is not in use).

CampChef sells a Pro60x Bundle that includes the grill, the griddle, main unit, tools, and a cast iron skillet for $511. You can easily piece this unit together yourself for a lot less.

I think this unit will serve our family well for the years to come. It’s very well built; Camp Chef builds amazing products. I’m looking forward to using it while camping or any other event where we want to cook outdoors.

Please note: if you are not comfortable working with gas, please have a shop connect the fittings. There is a high risk of fire and explosion if you improperly seat the connections. You know your limitations better than I do, I am not responsible for your actions.

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