Media / TV Console Mods

A few things bothered me about the TV Console.

  1. The TV was using a standard cigarette lighter plug, when it came with the option to hard wire it from the factory.
  2. Wires hanging all over the place
  3. Pain in the butt to use the 2nd HDMI port.

This is an easy fix. Picked up a few parts from amazon, used a 1″ and 1.5″ hole saw, and problem solved!

Fortunately, with how my trailer is built, I was able to remove the AM/FM/CD/DVD player (4 screws) which gives me access to the “wiring area” for the TV stand/cabinet. You can see it removed on the left. I simply tucked it in a opening below my work area without the need to unplug anything.

Once removed, I drilled a 1″ and 1.5″ hole in the large opening. The 1.5″ hole has a wire grommet in it. This will be for future use. The USB and HDMI extension system went into the 1″ hole with a nut securing it on the inside of the smaller opening.

I then fished the wires up through the top grommet that was already in the cabinet, then simply plugged the HDMI into the TV and the USB into the USB Charging Port that was already behind my TV.

With everything apart, I took the opportunity to address another detail I didn’t like. When I got the trailer, it came with a bag of wires related to the Jensen TV which came installed. The factory chose to install/wire the TV with the cigarette lighter plug, however there is a factory option for a (fused) hard-wire. Since I had everything open and was already fishing wire, I took the opportunity to hardwire it. Was a very simple process, I just tapped into the wires for the cigarette lighter. The amperage draw is minimal and I don’t expect any problems with how heavy the wire gauge is. Frankly, I’ll probably never use the cigarette lighter, I just like the cleaner install.

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