TPMS / Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Chances are, your tow vehicle has a tire pressure monitoring system of some sort. I know Ford began including them around 2010 in most trucks, pretty sure Dodge/Ram and Chevy did the same.

A tire pressure monitoring system is the best way to prevent a blow-out or catastrophic incident. Low tire pressure generates more heat in the tire, more heat will eventually cause a blowout.

Now, if you have a newer truck you may have the ability to purchase additional TPMS sensors for your trailer that’ll sync up to your trucks existing TPMS system. That’s pretty darn slick, although I have no idea how much the sensors cost. I’d venture a guess that it’ll set ya back a few hundred dollars.

If your truck doesn’t have TPMS, if your TPMS can’t be expanded to cover the trailer, or if you want to save money over the factory sensors, there are plenty of aftermarket options.

TST (Truck System Technologies) makes the highest reviewed TMPS system out there; and for good reason. Their system can support multiple trailers (mine will support 4 different trailers), well over a dozen wheels per system; you can set alerts for high pressure, low pressure, and temperature based alerts. It has an internal battery, however I just run mine from a Micro-USB cable (included) to keep it powered while I’m towing. The sensors themselves can either be mounted inside the tire (wheel mounted), or on the valve-stem. The valve stem options are either “caps” or “flow-through.” I went with the flow-through simply because I don’t have to worry about taking them off to add air to my tires and forgetting them somewhere.

MSRP on the TST-507 is either $299 for the standard system with 4 sensors or $349 for the color display – I went with the color, because why not? The screen is easily read in daylight; the alarm is audible without being ridiculously loud.

Being that I cannot leave anything well-enough-alone, I did modify how the display attaches. I didn’t like that it came with either a suction-cup mount or a rubber mount on the dash; I try to keep as much off my dash as possible, just personal preference.

TST above the 4uCam Backup Camera Display (yes, I still have the screen protector on it)

I already had a RAM flex arm mounted on the passenger side of my center console from another project. I was able to use a small screw and nut to attach a ram ball to the factory mount (unscrewed from the windshield mount). The result was the TST sits directly above my backup camera screen, out of the way.

I don’t need to see the tire pressures and temps all the time; that’s what the audible alerts are for. If there’s a problem, the system will alert me. If I’m curious what the temps and pressures are, I can glance down (typically when I’m filling up).

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