RV “Full Power” Wifi Repeater Project

So, your mobile phone, tablet and even laptop aren’t known for having strong Wifi antennas built in. Laptops are the strongest out there compared to the phones and tablets that a lot of people use, but even then they are not ideal.

Enterprise Wifi has a range of several miles, where your home devices average 100 feet or less.

I’ll be doing a write up in the near future how I used some older generation enterprise wifi equipment (sourced from Amazon and eBay), a home router and some other miscellaneous parts to build a system that will connect to a host’s Wifi (RV Park or other FREE wifi signal) and repeat it within your RV for use on your personal devices.

Please note: this project is not intended nor will it assist you in using secure wifi where you are not authorized to access it. If you don’t have the password, this project won’t help you. I’m providing this information to assist when you are accessing a network you are authorized to use.

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