Permanent Satellite Dish Mount

Update 2021

Well, I went through a few iterations of transporting my satellite dish. I went from setting it on the roof when we got to our destination, to mounting it on the ladder, to mounting it to the luggage rack. In the end, I was never satisfied with how secure the dish felt.

I finally got over it and drilled holes in my roof (gasp!) and permanently mounted the dish to the roof of our trailer. It was a lot easier than I expected and I have to say how nice it is to not have to do anything when we arrive at our destination. I ended up drilling a hole for the cable feed from the satellite, dropping it into the cabinet right above my TV. Soon as we’re hooked up, the dish is searching for satellites and is ready to go when we want to watch TV now; without any additional user configuration.

Now, I did cheat and ran the cable through the “Over the Air Antenna” that came with our trailer. It already had a path through the roof that was waterproof. I just used dicore on everything to ensure it was water-tight.

Winegard RK-2000 Roof Mount Kit

It’s well worth it. I’m happy I finally did the proper mounting solution, I just wasn’t happy with it wiggling around on my ladder or roof rack.

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