SmartThings Sensor Modification

So, I got into the whole home automation thing back around 2018. I’d like to say it’s made life easier, however for me it’s just something neat to play with (and for my wife to yet-again tolerate).

One of the irritations on the sensors is they either use a CR2032 or CR2045 battery; a little coin cell 3v battery that seems to have a short life. This is probably due to the sensors that use them being mounted in high-use areas.

With an abundant supply of CR123 batteries laying around due to my flashlights, I decided to see if I could adapt them to work with the smartthings sensors to extend battery life.

note: I actually took this project on over 6 months ago. All devices have been working 100% and we are seeing much better function overall with the larger battery/longer life.

Opening up the sensor is easy as they are designed to be serviced by the user (battery replacement, frequently… sigh). I simply soldered the leads of the CR123 “holder” to the terminals on the board. I was very cautious as I didn’t want to over-heat the terminals and de-solder them from the board.

CR123s used to be a lot more expensive, however as they become more popular, they have become more reasonable. While disposable batteries are not ideal, I’m starting to experiment with rechargeable units that work well.

Amazon Basics 6-Pack CR123

Rayovac 8-Pack CR123

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