I started off in the IT industry at a very young age; after working in the industry for 8 years I realized I hated it. I did a brief stint wrenching on cars in an attempt to figure out what I really enjoyed doing in life. In the end, neither career path was for me and I ended up in yet another completely different career path. While my current career has very little to do with either of my former industries, I really enjoy tinkering with things and coming up with what are sometimes VERY over complicated solutions that net the exact result that I wanted. I’m fortunate in that I have good friends that are true rednecks that can fix damned near anything, welders, machinists, uber nerds, etc.

My extremely-tolerant wife puts up with my projects and does an amazing job of nodding and smiling when I come to her with child-like excitement. My son just rolls with it. Lets be frank, he doesn’t know any better. He has to think all dads are like this.

In Mid-2019 my wife and I purchased our first travel trailer after researching them for literally over 5 years. We’ve been inside just about every brand, looked at about every floor-plan. There are a lot of reasons we chose the exact trailer we purchased. I started this blog at a suggestion of a few friends to share some of my thoughts and why I do things the way I do them.

Disclaimer: I’m not an expert. I don’t pretend to be and I don’t play one on TV. I learn by trial and error. Some of my solutions made things worse, some worked exactly the way I want. I’ve lost track of how much money I’ve spent on bad projects; but everything is a learning experience. I hope that maybe others can learn from my many mistakes and my few successes.

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